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Staying at a local campground?  Need to easily get around?  All our rentals are available for Campground use.  Contact us to schedule a rental and delivery to your campground of choice.


Gasoline Golf Cart Daily (9am to 9pm)


Gasoline Golf Cart 3 Day (Return by 9pm)


Gasoline Golf Cart 5 day ( 9 am to 9pm )


Gasoline Golf Cart Weekly (Return by 9pm)


Generator Small 1 Day


Generator Small 3 day


Generator Large 1 Day


Generator Large 5 days


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Campground Rentals

Gasoline Golf Cart Daily (9am to 9pm)                             $65.00
Electric Golf Cart Daily (9am to 9pm)                               $55.00
Hybrid Lifted Golf Cart Daily (9am to 9pm)                        $85.00
Delivery/ Pickup                                                             $20.00
3 or more Day no *Delivery/Pickup fee*

Generator small 1 Day                                                    $50.00
Generator Large 1 Day                                                   $100.00

Daily rentals are for the day of rental only.

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